UT Student Says the Current Generation Isn’t the Dumbest

By Jess Forte

It has been said that the generation that we live in today is the “dumbest generation.” Compared to past generations, we are more heavily dependent on technology and feel a sense of entitlement.
Freshman biology major Savannah Snow doesn’t seem to agree with these accusations.
“I think it’s looked at that way, but I don’t necessarily think so,” says Snow. “People say we’re different because we have more technology, but we’re really writing more because of it. We just have a different way of thinking.”
After getting an explanation of what the term meant, Snow was then asked if she had seen any narcissism here on campus.
“I’ve definitely seen it. It’s all those people that ride around in convertibles with loud music.”
To test her knowledge, Savannah was asked a few simple trivia questions, based on US history. She was reluctant to answer the first question, which was set up to be a tricky one.
She was asked what year Benjamin Franklin was inaugurated president. In response, she asked if the question was supposed to prove that she was “stupid.” However, she did have an answer to the next question, which was to name the first three US presidents.
“Obviously George Washington,” she pondered, “Not Abe Lincoln, he was like the fifth…I don’t know. I haven’t been in history class in a while.”


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