Lifestyles of the Young, Dumb, and Narcissistic

There is no doubt that technological advances in the last decade have dramatically changed the way America views themselves and others. However, have this advances made people narcissistic?

Samara Yegelwel, a freshman at the University of Tampa agrees with this statement. “All anybody cares about is how many likes they get on Facebook, or how many followers they can get on twitter.”

In last weeks seminar, Mark Bauerlin proved his point that not only are twenty somethings narcissistic, but also “The Dumbest Generation”. 

“Last semester one of my roommates felt like she deserved everything. If she did it, she was right, but if I did it I was wrong,” Explain Yegelwel. “I found it ridiculous that someone could be so overly confident in themselves.”

This shouldn’t be a surprise seeing the seemingly luxurious life twenty somethings are living in this day and age, especially many of the people going to UT.

“I never met a group of people so obsessed with themselves in my life and all the things they have,” said Anthony Raymond, also a freshman at UT. “The sad thing is these ‘things’ they’re so obsessed with having, they didn’t even work for.”

Raymond brings forward a valid point in that many twenty somethings are going through their college experience/young adult, their hands being held by caregiver letting them live a certain lifestyle that makes things far too easy for them. 

“[My old roommate] had an endless bank account and could get whatever she wanted. She was failing half her classes and even withdrew from one, yet her parents continued to praise her for her ‘hard work’,” says Yegelwel. 

Maybe if this generation was not so eternally praised for the ‘hard work’ they do, they would be less narcissistic, and of course far less dumb. However, how can twenty somethings help themselves from falling into this narcissistic behavior with all of the social networking that is made available to them? Just put a picture up of yourselves to get the endless comments of ‘wow you look great!’ or wait for how many likes you can get on your new cover photo. With all this positive reinforcement for simply uploading a picture, the reason we are seeing so much narcissistic behavior is a no brainer.


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