Are 20-somethings really “The Dumbest Generation”?

Last week, students from the University of Tampa had the chance to attend a lecture focused on all things college-generation related. The lecture was held in The Grand Salon and was lead by author Mark Bauerlin, who coined the term, Are 20-somethings really “The Dumbest Generation”, in the book referance.
Various topics involving what is occurring around the world were discussed, including narcissism. According to Bauerlin’s research, narcissism is a growing problem here in the U.S. More and more people are developing tendencies in which narcissists behave like, including college students. Students here at UT agree that they each know atleast one person on campus who would be considered one. “There is some people here that definitely think that they are entitled to everything. On the other hand, I don’t blame them because it’s not really their fault. That’s just the way they were brought up. It’s not that surprising because the students here have nicer cars than the professors.”, said Lexi Hanson, a twenty-year-old student from UT.
However, according to Hanson, this generation is anything but stupid. It is surprising to her just how knowledgeable the people here on campus are. “Being twenty, I am not being biased, but I truely feel that there are plenty of smart college kids out there, especially at UT.” On the other hand, she can see why one would make the assumption that this generation is dumb based on all of the technology that is available to us. “There are some, well, to be blunt, dumb students out there, as well. Everyone is so caught up in Facebook and their own lives.” This suggests that the “dumbing down” of our generation is something that we have no control over. Afterall, we don’t make these products; we just buy them/use them.

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