The Convenience of Online News

It seems that with every passing day, more and more people (especially young people) are tuning into online news rather than reading from the actual print.  However, that does not necessarily mean that newspaper is avoided completely as educators will find ways to incorporate news print into class discussions. 

A talk with UT freshman Peter Furey confirmed the above.  I first asked Peter if he reads the newspaper at all.  He responded with “twice a week for First Year Writing 101, the editorial pages.”  I then asked Peter if it wasn’t an obligation for a class to look at a newspaper would he still bother.  Not to my surprise he responded that he would not.  

Peter, like most college students gets the vast majority of his news intake from online websites. Sites such as,,, reddit, tumblir, etc. help keep him up to date on daily events and the goings ons of the world.  Peter said he frequents a wide array of websites other than the ones he mentioned and explained that he likes to “hear what other people have to say and find the true facts.”

And then, the final question I asked was why Peter supposed he prefers online to actual print.  He responded with “convenience,” always having a phone or laptop at the ready renders it much easier to read various news sources as opposed to reading from a paper.  

So there it is, the world is constantly becoming a faster and much more accessible place and with that comes quicker and easier intake of news.   However, it should be duly noted that newspaper is an American pastime for journalism and shouldn’t be dismissed as easily as some  tend to shrug it off.  


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