U Tampa Baseball to face Franklin Pierce this Evening

The University of Tampa Spartans Baseball team looks to improve its already solid record of 20-4 as the spartans take on the Franklin Pierce Ravens at 5 o’ clock this evening.  The Spartans have had a successful start to the season getting great play from every player on its roster.  But the main players to watch out for on this Spartans squad is the center fielder Connor Obrochta and the second baseman Tyler Ding.

Both of these players are ranked at the top of the leader board in batting average and either one of the two also leads in On Base Percentage, Runs Scored, and Hits.  The Spartans are also looking to extend their winning streak to 3 games after having a 7, 6, and 5 game win streak before dropping one game between each streak.

The Franklin Pierce Ravens are looking to make a statement win over a top ranked squad in the Spartans, who are ranked 3rd in Division II, and to try to put together a respectable span of wins to progress from its mediocre start to the season.

A fellow student, Matt Sarli, who loves to watch baseball and used to play the game had a few words about the upcoming matchup.  He said, “I am looking forward to the game tonight.  Tampa is playing really great right now and although it’s not a conference game I’d still like to see the Spartans pull out a win.”  Matt as well as a bunch of Tampa students and Parents will be attending this non-conference matchup between the Spartans and the Ravens to cheer on their local heroes.

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