Theres no Crying in Softball!

Intermural sports and teams are a big part of the University of Tampa. April 1st will mark the start of the Intermural softball season. There are mens, womens, and co-ed leagues that will be participating. Players and teams are currently being chosen.

The last day to join a team will be on the 25th of April. There is a 20 dollar start up fee to pay the various workers of the IM leagues. Teams can have a maximum of 24 players and a minimum of 9 to fill out all the spots of a regular softball game.

As with many other sports run by the intermural people the rules will be very strictly enforced. Teams must sign the contracts regarding the rules and safety regulations. Everyone must show up to every game.

 As usual, they let the college participants choose their team name within reason. So captains try to make their team names as witty as possible. Team names include: Win or loose we Booze, Slump Busters, Fowl Balls(disgusting) and The Sons of Pitches. But more importantly hopefully the players will play with the utmost sportsmanship.

 The games will be hosted at the Softball field located behind the Martinez gym. This is a beautiful field that has been remodeled. The field is a beautiful green and the sand is all neatly placed. Hopefully all the non-athletic intermural athletes will not ruin the pristine beauty of the field.

The softball team might be very angry if anything happens to their field, and you don’t want to be the one receiving heat from our formidable softball t

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