International Dinner

The University of Tampa’s student organization Focusing on Optimal Dietetics for Students (FOODS) will be putting on a nutritional dinner on April 17th 2013. The dinner will be showcasing dishes from various countries and will be explaining the nutritional benefits and values from each dish.

The dinner will be held by Clare Stern, a student in the Certificate of International Programs as a part of her international project. Clare will be gathering groups of international students to prepare dishes from their native countries to contribute to the event.

FOODS is a valuable organization committed to increasing the nutritional knowledge and awareness of UT students helping them to make better dietary choices. Many students are looking forward to this event to not only learn about the importance of making healthy nutritional choices but to enjoy and educate themselves about international food.

Some students like freshman May Robinson are quite interested in the event. “I’m an avid traveler and one of my favorite things is the different food each country has to offer. So I’m pretty excited about this event.” She said. The dinner will be held at 6 pm at an on campus venue that will soon be announced and is expected to be informative and delectable.


By: Candice Bryan

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