Traveling Film Festival visits UT Campus

The University of Tampa will holding a Film Festival on campus.

The Office of International Programs will be hosting the Human Rights Watch traveling film festival starting this Thursday, March 28. The screenings will be held in the Vaughn Center, Reeves’ Theatre. The films highlight the fight for equality and justice in communities that have been discriminated against in the countries of Iraq, Egypt, and Uganda.

The film festival is a free of charge event open to the public. Allowing all of the members of the University of Tampa community to attend. Alexandra Brown, UT student, said about the festival “ I think it is important that we as individuals and as a campus make an effort to become world learners.”

Words of Witness, a girl’s coming of age story in the midst of turmoil in Egypt, will be shown on Thursday, March 28 at 2 pm. The next film will be shown on Monday, April 8 at 8 pm. Call Me Kuchu is a story that investigates the brutality against homosexuals in Uganda. The festival ends on April 15 at 5pm with Saalam Dunk, a film about a women’s Iraqi basketball team.

“Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world”, according to HRW’s Corporate Site. The independent organization is able to achieve it’s mission by investigating and exposing human rights violations, challenging those in power, and enlisting support from communities.

For more information, visit the UT or Human Rights Watch websites.

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