The Minaret Publishes a Different Kind of Newspaper

The Minaret plans to publish its first ever 24-hour newspaper.

For every single hour of a day, there will be at least one news story, feature, or personal feature on what takes place on campus. The Minaret’s goal is to invest the creativity involved in making a magazine in a 24-page newspaper, according to Donny Murray, Graphics Editor.

The newspaper will hit UT newsstands April 4.

“Our plan is to have all the pictures featured in the newspaper correlate with the hours throughout the newspaper and hopefully even be taken actually during that hour it is describing,” Murray said.

Although the edition is set to cover a full 24 hours, the articles are not written about one specific day. For example, one time slot could be written about a Monday morning and the next hour is referencing a Friday experience. The success of this compiled presentation of events remains up in the air.

Chelsea Daubar, Managing Editor, has the clutter-factor under control. According to Baubar, she advised her staff to keep some parts constant within multiple articles. “If drunk girl is lying in the parking garage at midnight, then throwing rocks from the roof at 1 a.m., let’s not give up on her and spend the extra time to follow her around.”

UT is not the first college institute to publish a 24-hour newspaper. But with the amount of excitement inside The Minaret meeting room, we should all brace ourselves for something original.

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