Sigma Chi Derby Days in Full Swing at UT

Sigma Chi Derby Days returns to UT campus wide Monday at 7pm. Throughout the course of the week the Kappa Omega chapter will organize and host a series of events and competitions among UT’s sororities.

Derby Days is a popular tradition practiced by many Sigma Chi chapters across North America. The week long event allows each Sigma Chi chapter the unique opportunity to positively impact both their campus and community as a whole.

derby days

The main event will be a competition in which each Sigma Chi brother carries a hat around all day while each sorority’s task is to acquire said hats. Small groups of Sigma Chis will team up with each sorority and aim to be the last group with hats remaining; so don’t be surprised if you see guys with random hats walking around campus, they’re just Sigma Chis! Various other events will be held to raise money for local charities.

This week has been highly anticipated by UT’s greek community. Sarah Burke, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta at UT, says, “This is the event that we all wait for all year. We literally get no sleep and do whatever is necessary to win. Things tend to get a little crazy. Other than the stressful parts of Derby Days it is a lot of fun and is for a great cause. Sigma Chi always does a great job with it.”


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