Organizations Work Together to Hold Diversity Discussion and Carnival

The International Students’ Organization will hold their Breaking Borders Discussion Forum and Carnival, in the Plant Hall Music Room on Monday evening at 7.

 President of the International Students’ Organization, Philipa Hatendi, says the purpose of the event is to have an open floor style discussion “about the relationship between black people from different cultures. It’s problems and how we can fix them to create unity.”

Questions will first be presented to a panel, consisting of representatives from the Black Student Union, the Stunning Sigma Beta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc., the International Students’ Organization and Intervarsity, as well as English professor Dr. Arthur Hollist.

One of the many questions that will be discussed in the forum is “It can be said that blacks as a race have a deep inability to love themselves and others of their race. This self-hatred is often manifested in dislike of skin color, hair texture, facial features etc. Why is this, and how do you think that we can achieve self-love and brotherhood?”

Ranya Aldeen, representative from Sigma Lambda Gamma, believes the discussion could have a positive impact on the black community at the University of Tampa if students can be convinced to be more open-minded in their daily lives.

She says, “I don’t think it’s only the dark skinned people that feel uncomfortable in their skin I think it’s everyone that goes through that to some extent.” She hopes that after hearing other viewpoints people will be more willing to interact with people outside of their own minority groups on campus.

Breaking Borders is expected to have a large turnout due to the number of organizations participating, and refreshments will be provided following the discussion.

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