Cas Haley Performance

By: Michelle Speaker

A singer best known for his runner-up finish on America’s Got Talent entertained UT students on Tuesday, March 19.

Cas Haley is a singer and guitarist that tours around putting on shows for his fans all around the world. Right now Cas is touring colleges that booked him through NACA, the National Association  of Campus Activities. He performed songs such as Release Me, Take A Chance, and Let It Out, from his album, Connection, which came out on September, 14, 2010.

“His songs created the ambiance of a first-rate coffee shop setting,” said Jake Lupica, who attended the event to get an autograph for a friend. “While he poured such talent and raw emotion into his songs students became enthralled and got to experience firsthand why Mr. Haley was chosen to be on America’s Got Talent.”

Haley did not request to be on AGT nor did he send anything in to be a contestant on this show. “A friend of mine basically booked a back door audition. His brother-in-law knew somebody at the show and gave me a back door audition and put me into a guilt trip into going. I did not even plan on going to the audition,” said Haley. “Once I went and found out I actually made it onto the real show, I made the decision, sat down and thought about it and said, ‘What the hell!’”

Cas has recently been nominated for “Best Reggae Rock Entertainer” for the 32nd annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA). Even before AGT, this has been a career for him. He has been playing music for six, seven years, touring around the country even before becoming well-known from America’s Got Talent. He has played with bands like Blues Travel and Jacks Mannequin, more corporate stuff. He could never see himself doing anything besides this, all his life he has been playing guitar and singing, it is what truly makes him happy.

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