Asian Student Organization Meeting of the Minds

Members of the Asian Student Organization (ASO) met Tuesday, March 19,  discussed their participation in UT’s Relay for Life. This 18 hour American Cancer Premier event is to raise money not only for awareness, but in hope to find a cure.

Relay for Life is the signature fundraising event of the American Cancer Society. During the 18-hour event, participants camp out and even set up a booth which will have hot food items, further raising money at the event.  Someone from the team must keep walking at all times. In four years UT has raised 17,000, with the motto that cancer never sleeps. “When the sun rises the new morning it’s a sign of hope,” said guest speak Sierra Collazo.

In other news, ASO was looking into volunteer days such as Paint Your Heart out, Glazer Children Museum, Big Cat Rescue and Toms Shoes. Each volunteer event is dome within the Tampa Bay community and it away of giving back to others. Lastly shirts orders are being taken.

“We really need to get shirts to separate ourselves fro, the other students and organizations,” said Nichol Reeves.


By: Amina Jackson


About Life is a Beautiful Struggle!!

I am person of amazing character. I recognize that life is about growth and am only interested in who I need to associate with in order to accomplish my goals. I strive to do my best and surround myself with positive like minded people. I live to express myself through various literary/visual art forms. Get to know me I’m pretty awesome. "I CREATE THAT WHICH I THINK AND I POSSESS THAT WHICH I SPEAK..."--Mr. Andrews
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