Sexolgists Come To UT

By Jess Forte

On Wednesday night, the University of Tampa held a seminar in Reeves Theater that didn’t beat around the bush when it came to talking about sex. The presentation, entitled “Fifty Shades of Normal,” didn’t seem to draw a large crowd of students.
“I thought it would be very interesting, since I am sexually active,” said Tatianna Fitzpatrick-Dyer, a sophomore Ad/Pr major. “I came to support a friend who should be here.”
Between the question box outside the theater, genital models and sex toys laid out on the stage, students didn’t know whether to take the presentation seriously.
“I’m hoping for some new information, lots of jokes and fun.” Claimed Dyer-Fitzpatrick.
Nevertheless, the speakers, Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird, didn’t fail to make the presentation an interesting one. Starting with the bowl of candy on the floor, Dr. Jo-Ann Bird held it and pointed out, “We have all sorts of candy. Look, we even have blow-pops. Those are fitting.”
The husband and wife duo of licensed sexologists, known as the “Love-Birds” and “expert-sexperts” began the presentation by explaining the models on the table and conducting a few simple texting polls. The two continued on with relationships, pointing out red flags such as bad communication and lack of trust. A long portion of the talk consisted of STIs and a few shocking statistics were revealed.
“One out of four people in the US will contract and STI in their lifetime.” Stated Chuck.
The final part of the presentation allowed students to send in questions for the Love-Birds via text messaging. Most were serious except for a student who asked if “it is bad to have sex for expensive things like cut off shirts?” The Birds still took the question into consideration and answered with a simple “Yes.”


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