Where Does Isaac Barefield get his news?

My major is International Business; I’m also in my last year at the University of Tampa. You can imagine that I’m always on the go without much time to actually watch MSMBC, which is always on in my household. I lean heavily on the internet, using sites such as Yahoo, Wall Street Journal, and CNN. Which I can view while checking my e-mail or even from my smart phone, I mostly focus on the Business sections, International and the Global Market, anything having to do with Human Resources and Industry trends. If very important that I keep an eye with what’s going on in all aspect of business life because I feel that it will only help me grow within my own set goals. You need to pay attention to others failures and power moves so you can make a play for yourself.


As told to Amina Jackson


About Life is a Beautiful Struggle!!

I am person of amazing character. I recognize that life is about growth and am only interested in who I need to associate with in order to accomplish my goals. I strive to do my best and surround myself with positive like minded people. I live to express myself through various literary/visual art forms. Get to know me I’m pretty awesome. "I CREATE THAT WHICH I THINK AND I POSSESS THAT WHICH I SPEAK..."--Mr. Andrews
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