Where Dan Dickenson Gets His News

I’m always on my phone a lot, like checking Twitter and Facebook. So since I’m always on it, I got these news apps to help keep me updated. The news apps I currently have on my phone are Flipbook, New York Times, Wallstreet, and CNN. The availability of having so many news sources right on me at all times is so convenient for me. It also helps because I don’t really have many breaks between classes so I’m always on the go, so just having them there saves me time from having to go find a newspaper. I also like the fact that the settings allowed you to get notified when there is a new or breaking story. So now, whenever that happens I’ll get a pop-up on my screen and my phone will vibrate, and I really like that aspect because I’m the type of person who likes to get notified frequently, especially when it is about my news.

I like having all of these different news sources because they have different types of news they report on. So I could go to any of these apps and find a different story every time. The things I really love to read though are things that are currently going on in the world, because I like to be updated.

As Told to Nate Mosback

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