Sarah Escamilla’s news outlets

The times where I usually watch news is when I am at work. Being a college student I have millions of assignments and exams that take priority over my time. When I do have some free time I tend to watch Fox News, or CNN on TV.

I also use the Internet for news information. For more entertainment but still informative I use this website is very biased and mocks a variety of news that is currently popular. Besides this website I do use twitter. I occasionally follow the New York Times when it tweets news information.

Facebook is another outlet that I use to hear about news. People will post many comments and YouTube videos of events that happen around the world. Although, these topics may not be the most informative and popular topics on other broadcasts, it is still news and information that I may have not heard about prior to being on Facebook.

I rarely use magazines for news, whether it be news that is more entertaining or current event news.

As I mentioned before I don’t usually have a lot of free time to catch up on everything that is currently going on, but I do make it a point to learn about one current event a day.


As told to you by Rachel Baranowski

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