Megan Curran Uses Tumblr To Stay Informed

I get my news entirely from Tumblr. I realized about a year ago that I wasn’t as informed as I should be about important events happening in the world because I don’t naturally turn on the television and watch the news or read a newspaper.

To fix this, I deliberately started following news blogs on Tumblr, which is a website that I visit extensively almost every day. This way, while I’m scrolling through my dashboard, I also get news updates so that I can stay informed.

I realized that this tactic became especially useful once I started college. Now, not only do I have less access to a television and less time to use the computer, but also I need to stay informed more than ever to keep up with everyone.

Now that I do it this way, I get my news and enjoyment all from one website and so I waste less time. Every once and a while, I will go through the “news” tag too, to make sure that I’m getting all of the most important stories.

As Told To Jordan Walsh


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