Jon Schreier gets news the modern way

I tend to get my news from many different sources. I mostly get my news from sources through phone applications or online.

The first and most convenient source I use is my New York Times application on my phone. It is a great way to skim through the top headlines quickly. However, I do not like this form of news too much because they have limited article length. I end up using Google to fill in the information it lacks.

I am not too proud to admit that I become aware of prevalent news stories through Facebook. For instance, I only heard about the Pope’s recent resignation from someone’s status. Of course, I looked it up on my own for more and accurate information.

A more modern and atypical source I use is It is more for entertainment, but it does include facts that might go unnoticed by big news sources. Random facts from all over the world show up on the site frequently.

Once I begin to feel ignorant of what is going on in the world through my usage of the sources above, I turn on CNN. I watch CNN once a week, but not any more than that.

I do not believe in printed news sources anymore. Using the internet is my way and the most economical way of receiving news. I do receive a printed Tampa Bay Times paper every Sunday. It tends to go towards more cleaning than reading.

As told by Morgan Chmielewski

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