Jana Graves on News Sources

I am not the person who goes out and looks for the news. I rather, stumble upon it when I am not always looking to find it.

When it comes to encountering news I usually turn to the internet as my source. Facebook is the one place that I get the majority of the necessary news that I need. I am connected to a lot of the political and government pages that provide me with the most important information. For instance, I recently found out about a gun law passed by the Governor Arkansas through Facebook.

On campus I do not use a lot of print media for finding out the news. At home, I usually look at the Washington Post on a regular basis. This allows me to catch up on politics, sports, entertainment, and fashion. Most of the time I end up looking at the style section for most of my time.

There aren’t a lot of good television channels that I like to watch. Nowadays all that is on is Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. I would rather spend my time watching Korean dramas online instead.

People can judge me I don’t care.

As told by Daina Stanley

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