Hannah Cimon and the News

Before I came to school, I used to watch the news every morning. It isn’t like I was consciously trying to turn on fox and friends in the morning, it would just be on and I would listen. It was pretty mindless. Now that I’m at school, and I usually sleep past any news show that has anything substantial in it, I rely on teachers and friends to tell me whats going on.

In my criminology class last semester we would always talk about recent news relating to crime, and we had to look up our own articles about crime so I always knew about murders and stuff. My roommate is an international student from Ghana, so I feel like I’m always aware of things going on outside of America based on the information she tells me from back home. 

My celebrity and pop culture news I get from E News and Chelsea Lately type shows. I think it’s easier to get this type of news because it’s always all over TV, especially late at night when I have nothing better to do than turn the TV on.

As told by Ali Pfleging

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