Brianna Cellini Sticks to Her Twitter for the News

I never really thought of it as staying current with the world; I just clicked on topics that interested me. I remember opening up my first Twitter account my junior year of high school. I made all of my friends sign up and follow me. It helped me keep up with what was going on in other social circles.

I loved collecting followers. The best way to do so is through hashtagging, especially the topics that are considered trending, located on the left-hand sidebar. I did not always know why certain topics or hashtags were so popular, so I would click on them and scroll through Tweets by other people from all over the world that featured the specific subject matter. By reading their posts of 150-characters-or-less, I would learn all of these cool facts and details about a current event.

I also stay updated simply by following a specific person or institution like Britney Spears or The University of Tampa. Certain account members even Tweet me back if I have a question. Conveniently, I have the Twitter app for my iPhone and can take my newsfeed on the go. As long as I have access to my Twitter, I always feel on top of things. 

As Told to Lesley Rowland

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