Where Rachel Beildler Gets Her News

I mainly receive my news from the news channel CNN off of the television. I rarely tune into any other channels for the news because CNN just happens to be a part of my daily life. If there are specific events that I am aware of and want to learn more about, I will join in along with most of the population and glue myself to a computer monitor to scroll through large amounts of news articles.

I don’t have a specific site that I’m keen on, I just tend to go on the internet and search for what I am looking for and it pops up. Most of the time Yahoo tends to pop up with a link that goes directly to their homepage for that article. I just mainly look for something specific, not necessarily the source it comes from.

My major is Psychology, so I lean more towards articles that have to do with internal and external situations where psychology plays into the picture. While watching the news on CNN, I pretty much listen to everything there is about the news because it tends to interest me about everything, even if it isn’t necessarily news in general. What I genuinely like about CNN is the variety of news portrayed on the air.

I pay attention to the news just about 2 to 3 times a week I would say. I don’t watch it everything morning because I have classes and obviously I’m a college student who likes her sleep, which I will argue that most of us college students do. I like to see how the situations have affected people and what could happen because of that situation in general to wherever it happened to.

This is how I receive my news according to a UT student. Older people would be stunned by the fact that we as college students even pay attention to the outside world and what is going on around us or other places.

As told to Nicole Rinberger

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