Oliver Hudak Keeps Updated with the News

I get my news mainly from the internet, from BBC and from Yahoo!, which is every time I check my email, that is. This is mainly because I do not have a T.V., so I cannot watch the channels on television. Newspapers are too inconvenient for me; I do not like to read and too many pages to get information out of what I’m really interested in, so I mainly browse the web on BBC.

I look at politics and catastrophic incidents. For example, the rape incident in India, I followed a lot. Nothing dealing with science because to me, it is not significant enough. So many things happen that don’t make it into a newspaper. Celebrity things, like who broke up with whom, I am not interested in that, only big incidents.

I look at the news maybe two to three times a week, definitely not every day. What interests me is not what happened, but how people respond to a certain situation. So, coming back to the incident that happened in India, what is the government willing to do about it? You know, people go out into the streets and they protest. Basically, how people react to certain situations.

Catastrophic earthquakes, tsunamis, whatever it may be; what are people willing to do? Who is willing to help? From that, I make my own conclusions rather than accept what people put in the news or in the papers.

The rape incident only affected a family and a girl. It doesn’t matter about how many people were involved. It was just really nice to see that a whole country came together and said something is not right, they protested together trying to move or to change something to make sure nothing like this affects anyone else.

That is truly inspiring, that is why I check the news, to find things like that.

As told to Michelle Speaker

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