How Will Contessa Stays In Touch

I like to use the internet for most of my news, especially CNN and Twitter. CNN gives you all different areas of news and I like their finance section. They have charts, graphs, and timelines on every stock and CNN isn’t nearly as biased as other news hubs like Fox.

It’s easier to use the internet because you can go directly to the stories you want to read about rather than sitting through an entire news show. That’s why I like to use Twitter for news and follow the publications I enjoy reading.

The New York Times has a great Twitter account; they cover the entire world and keep you in touch with the important things going on in today’s news. Twitter makes it easy for us to keep up with the news because it is so easy for publications to tweet a Title and a link to an article. It’s quick and gives you just as much information as an actual newspaper would.

These mediums are both perfect for me because I can see them on my phone too. Whenever I have some downtime I always go and check the latest story. Technology might have killed the newspaper industry, but it’s so much easier to get the news now.

As told to Donovan Swift

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