UT Student Connor Cloherty Prefers Wide Array of News Sources

By Anya Proctor

I am update and well-informed on what’s going on, especially as part of the Student Libertarians (campus group).

I get news and information from everywhere. It’s better to get a variety because many mainstream media sources will skew information how they like. Not all sources are honest; you can’t necessarily trust everything.

 As a Libertarian, my main source probably comes from a Facebook page called “Liberated Thoughts.” It’s a page that gives a Libertarian perspective on issues; however, I get my news from everywhere.

Online, I use Yahoo a lot and read USA Today. I also do read the paper. I read the paper on campus—The Minaret, the New York Times, USA Today. I watch television when I can. I watch Fox News, CNN, everything.

I use a lot of different sources. I just think that’s the best way to get information. It’s how you should do it. You can get a lot of different opinions and then make up your own mind.

As told to Anya Proctor

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