Sarah Garrity breaks away from the mainstream news sources

These days, rarely do you ever see anyone reading a newspaper besides your grandpa. Honestly, I find it rather sad how we have everything handed to us nowadays. As a freshmen college student, the only news source I’m expected to give a damn about is twitter; or better yet: facebook(which by the way, at least in my opinion, most definitely doesn’t count as a news source). Twitter is instant, so of course it’s the easiest news source for our generation.
I personally still enjoy reading the newspaper. Other sources I use to get the news is, The Washington post, and PC magazine. I really like PC magazine because that’s where I get my tech information from. I’m kind of a geek when it comes to stuff like that. Sources that I can’t stand would have to be the British ones, like Daily Mail. They’re just a bunch of tabloid stuff. Due to my hectic schedule, I don’t watch the news much but I definitely enjoy that too. I like knowing what’s going on. I feel that in college you should know what’s happening in the world.

As told to Madison Irwin

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