Gasparilla, A New World For Some

By Nicole Rinberger

Gasparilla is known as the pirate fest within the city of Tampa. Gasparilla has intoxicated drinkers beyond their limits and a parade of floats with individuals throwing beads off into the crowds along Bay Shore.

Kelsey Cruz, beginning her journey through at a local event that is new to her eyes. She is a beginner to the drinking experience and the clashing of beads being thrown while moving floats continue down the road. She expects Gasparilla to be new and exciting.

Over the years, she has heard of how people from the floats throw out tons of beads to the hundreds of people in the crowds. She also has very high expectations of all the possible belligerently intoxicated people crossing paths with others.

In ways, she has become nervous because of the possibility of what could happen within a crowd of drunks, but then is perfectly content with the fact that she will most likely see things unfamiliar to her eyes.

Kelsey Cruz has been intrigued about this moment of encountering people shall be intoxicated and enjoying themselves to a point of stupidity. “Why not be able to make fun of someone in that moment” she says.

Also, Kelsey Cruz has wanted to attend Gasparilla since she can remember. “I’ve always had an interest in how this event came to be known as Gasparilla” She said.

She is interested in all the different floats and designs that are created for the simple fact of a local event that most people just drink and receive beads at. She is thrilled with having this chance to go with her friends to enjoy herself as she embarks on this new journey.

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One Response to Gasparilla, A New World For Some

  1. John Kaufman says:

    I am the admiral of the Royal Krewe of Sparta Gasparilla float, representing the University of Tampa Alumni Association. I own the float with three other University of Tampa alumni. If you’re interested in joining our crew to ride the float during the parade, please visit our website for more information at

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