Shannon Potash’s first Gasparilla

By Rachel Baranowski

Shannon Potash is a student at the University of Tennessee. Shannon is extremely excited to come to Tampa and experience the biggest Celebration Tampa has to offer, Gasparilla. As a student of University of Tennessee, Shannon grasps the craziness of nightlife at college but when she heard from her friend (who attends the University of Tampa) about Gasparilla, she couldn’t picture what kind of crazy out of control event takes place.

When she was asked what she thought of when she heard about Gasparilla she said, drinking, beads, and partying.  Shannon explained that she was coming to experience Gasparilla because she heard that on Jan. 26 it doesn’t matter what the drinking age is in Tampa everyone gets wasted.

There are parties everywhere you turn and people throw hundreds of beads at you. She heard that Gasparilla is a holiday where it is very acceptable to pass out and it is highly encouraged to have a beer in your hand all day.

When Shannon was asked about the history of Gasparilla she stated “ It has something to do with pirates invading Tampa?”  Shannon is overly excited about Gasparilla and has even packed a survival bag, which consists of alcohol, food, water, and Band-Aids.

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