Gasparilla 2013

Gasparilla is an annual pirate themed celebration held towards the end of January in Tampa, Florida. The event draws huge crowds from all over the State and even some people from bordering States travel to Tampa to attend the event.

Gasparilla is an event that is talked about and looked forward to throughout the school year at the University of Tampa. One student who certainly has heard a lot of the event is Freshman Corinne Brunner who has been hearing people talk about it nearly every day since the beginning of the year. “I feel like everyone is building it up to me more than it’s gonna be”, she says of her expectations that the event will not be as great as everyone says. “It’s just gonna be a lot of drunk stumbing people running around and grabbing for beads”.  

We will see how Corinne enjoys the event and if it is better than what she is expecting. Her plan for now is to simply just “get beads”. 

By Adam Weiner 

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