Pirate Takeover in Tampa

By: Nicole Thompson

Every year the city of Tampa prepares for the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. This year the date lands on January 26 with the parade beginning at 2 p.m. Gasparilla has been attracting people for over one hundred years, this year expecting around 300,000 people.

People come from all over the state and in some cases even other parts of the country to take part in the excitement and festivities of Gasparilla.

            A small portion of the people that will attend include the surrounding schools’ students such as University of Tampa and University of South Florida.

            Freshman at UT, Katya Wild says, “I’m expecting lots of pirates, music, food, games, and good times.”

            She adds, “I’m very excited, but a little anxious about waking up early.” Before the parade, sometimes as early as 7 a.m. students start preparing for the rest of the day by attending day parties throughout Tampa.

            Wild explains, “I heard a little about it through YouTube videos, but nothing much. People describe it as huge festival that attracts people from all over.”

            Everyone is welcome to come watch the parade that begins on Bay to Bay Boulevard. Stay safe and have fun!


PS it takes away my indents in the first two paragraphs and won’t let me put it back. sorry!

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