UT Takes Safety and Security Measures for Gasparilla

With Gasparilla fast approaching security is tightening on the University of Tampa campus. While students rejoice in the festivities of the pirate takeover, university authorities are concerned with maintaining some semblance of order.

Jacquelyn Deptula, Asst. Director of Residence Life is still new to Tampa and has never experienced Gasparilla. She says, “I really like pirates so I’m just really excited to see this.” However, she is not looking forward to the “debauchery” on campus.

“First thing when I got this job my friend from grad school posted on my wall, ‘I’m so happy you got this job,’ and posted a link about Gasparilla,” said Deptula.

She anticipates issues such as intoxication, alcohol poisoning, hospitalizations, fights, and vandalism. She hopes the school will be able to ward off some of these issues with proactive on-campus activities providing safety facts as well as food and water for parade goers.

UT is also acting as headquarters for the Tampa Police Department on Saturday. There will be a holding cell set up in the teacher parking lot between the Vaughn Center and Plant Hall, where anyone arrested at the parade will be brought.

To students, Deptula says, “Go out, go have fun, but don’t come back and be a pain.”

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