Gasparilla in Tampa

Gasperilla has always been a great tradition in Tampa. With pirates docking at the bay and reigning terror among the people during the 1800’s, now it is known as one of the greatest festivals that Tampa has to offer. For many new comers to the Tampa Bay, this is one of the festivities that must not be missed. Many people come down to watch the pirate ship sail in and dock at the bay.

Tombari Ereba, who is a freshmen from Georgia has never experienced Gasparilla before and she is looking forward to enjoy it this coming Saturday. Being interviewed on her opinion about Gasparilla, she said she would love to see what Gasparilla has to offer.  With stories that were told by various people, Tombari wants to head down to Gasparilla and hope to see how crazily true the stories could be. Since she has never experienced Gasparilla, she wants to feel how the atmosphere is at the festival. She wants to know why people are so excited over it. With excitement and great fun, the food has its say too. “I can’t wait to taste the food.” gestured Tombari on how she would like to know what kind of food that would be served at Gasparilla and she hopes it would be great. Only once a year Gasparilla shows up at the Bay and it is sure one experience no one must miss.

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