Gasparilla Encounter: The First of Many

As the Gasparilla pirate fest parades into Tampa this Saturday, the entire University of Tampa community is hyped up for a day filled with excitement. The freshman class has no idea what to expect, especially Zane Moulton, who is from Australia. “Saturday is also Australia day, so either way I’m going to be celebrating all day long,” he says.

“I know it’s going to be a big celebration, the whole city gets involved, so that’s exciting,” was Moulton’s initial take on the festivities, “It is going to be a good time.”

The reputation of this event is known for the drunkards in every direction lined up on one street drinking from the moment they wake until the moment they crash in the dorm rooms, or frankly, wherever they end up.

“House parties!” Zane seemed to be looking forward to the nighttime house parties that are being widely advertised. “I’m going in a big group; we’re going to be moving around a bit.” He referred to his group as “a squad… on the prowl,” while he laughed, jokingly.

At the end of the day, it is not about how drunk or how long everyone lasted out there, it is all about the beads. Moulton was positive as he confidently said, “I am going to get some beads. Yes, beads fo’ sho!”

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