Gasparilla Anticipation Rising

By: Daina Stanley

The anticipation is rising for the Gasparilla festival on the University of Tampa campus. This old tradition that’s been compared to Mardi Gras dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century! The festival reenacts the day pirates invaded Tampa’s shores with their majestic ship Jose Gasparilla and took over the city.

Kristen Profige, a sophomore transfer from Long Island, NY, is brand new to this timeless tradition. She is excited but hasn’t heard much about the the history of the event stating, “I know it’s something about pirates.” Despite this she knows exactly what to expect during the festival exclaiming, “There are gonna be a lot of drunk people!”

Profige and friends will be arising early in the morning to ensure they do not miss a minute of craziness. Their day will be full of festivities which include the Parade of Pirates and the Pirate Fest Street Festival. Along with a bountiful amount of beads Profige will be wearing “red shorts and a black shirt with skulls on it.”

When it comes down to it Profige is hoping for a trouble free first experience stating, “I hope there are no fights and I hope it’s under control.”

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