Gasparilla 2013

This Saturday Tampa will be hosting its annual Gasparilla parade.  Gasparilla is a city wide celebration that is best explained as a “Pirate Themed Mardi Gras”.  It all started in May of 1904, and has remained a tradition that brings in thousands of guests every year.  Connor Wells is an out of town guest coming in for the weekend to experience his first ever Gasparilla.

“I’m picturing a huge party with a ton of block parties and highly intoxicated people roaming the streets” said Connor with a smirk on his face.  “I am not positive that I’m fully prepared for what the weekend will bring”.

As most veterans of Gasparilla know, the day consists of a lot of drinking and partying with friends and strangers.  When asked if he would partake in the drinking festivities Connor said “Absolutely without a question, I spent a couple of days in New Orleans for Mardi Gras last year and I am expecting Tampa to be just like that”.

Although Gasparilla is an alcohol fueled parade, it serves as an opportunity for people from all different places to come together and have some fun.  As long as you stay safe and make responsible decisions, the day will definitely leave you with fond memories and excitement for making plans for the following year.

The parade will start around 11:30 and end at 1:00.

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