Josh Simon, 18, has heard about Gasparilla and has always wanted to go but circumstances have prevented him from doing so every year. This year he’s not only going to be accomplishing his long anticipated goal of going but he’ll be working there as well. He was hired to show people where to park and to direct traffic. It’s also his job to act as a lookout for suspicious activity and report it to the proper authorities.

He anticipates people to be “drunk and trying to get beads” throughout the event. “People do crazy things when their drunk,” he added. The floats he expects to see are those of local businesses, as well as some corporations, participating such as Nationwide and Geico. He wishes the University of Tampa provided a float but nevertheless, wants to “get paid to have a good time.”

Whenever Gasparilla comes to town it’s always a big event for the Bay area and brings in an exceptional amount of money for the local businesses. Josh likes seeing people dressed in funny costumes as their float comes by. When asked how is it different from Mardi Gras he said, “Well, it’s probably going to be that minus the flashing”


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