UT Student gets excited for Gasparilla

By Madison Irwin

Anna Dombroski, a freshmen studying at The University of Tampa, displays a smile as she describes her anticipation for Gasparilla. This will be Anna’s first time attending the event. Gasparilla is a yearly festival in which residents of Tampa, including UT students, gather around the downtown area for a huge celebration of pirates. There are plenty of fun attractions held, including fireworks, and of course, the parade of pirates. “I’m pretty stoked! I don’t know much about it, but I heard it’s like the UT version of Mardi gras. I think it should be fun. “, says Anna. She plans on going to Gasparilla with a group of friends.

During the event, many people like to dress up in pirate theme. Whether they choose to dress up as Jack Sparrow or simply wear an eye patch, students can expect a variety of unique costumes. “I definitely won’t be partaking in any of that. I’ll be a spectator,” Anna says, while laughing. It is also said that many people get arrested at Gasparilla, due to all the drunk underage students.  “I heard a lot of people get fined, too”, she says. “I’m just gonna try my best to be careful and stick with my friends the whole day.”

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