Student Hype over Gasparilla

By Jess Forte

A large influx of University of Tampa students is expected at the upcoming Gasparilla event this weekend.  For a school that is said to have a “lack of spirit” many students are excited for the pirate parade through the streets.

“I’m going because a group of my friends and roommates are going,” claims Melissa Bigger, a nursing student who is attending the event for the first time.

“Everyone seems excited about it, which is weird because we don’t really have a lot of school spirit here.”  For those who have yet to experience it, expectations of the event are taking many different turns.

“I’m expecting it to be very crowded and crazy,” said Bigger.  “Overly intoxicated people will be everywhere.”

Besides the intoxicated crowd, Melissa is seeking out different spectators.  “I’m hoping to run into professors.” she said.

Rumors are spreading around campus that students will be dressing up for the parade, but not in anything formal−unless that includes pirate costumes.  Melissa Bigger wasn’t interested when asked if she’ll follow the trend with friends.

“Maybe not as a pirate, but hopefully we’ll find a theme.”  While there are concerns of arrests and other violations, Bigger is more concerned about what could happen to her at the parade.

“I’m worried about stupid people spilling beer on me, and I’d rather not see topless women.  I heard they do that to get the beads they throw.”


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