Is the Average UT student excited about Gasparilla

Every year many Tampians gather to celebrate the invasion of the pirates for Gasparilla. There are normally two separate events for Gasparilla, one for the adults which sometimes can be a little risky with the things you may see and one for the kids which of course is family friendly. The question at hand is what our youth today will expect. I recently met Katelyn a 2nd year Journalism student at the University of Tampa. When asked what her expectations were for the parade she said, “Although I’m planning on attend this year I don’t think it will be much fun. Sure, the many floats and beads will be amazing but there will be big crowds of drunken students everywhere, not to mention the accessional flashing of woman’s flesh.” I asked Katelyn what brought her to this conclusion and she said, “I’ve talked to a few people both students and my parents. I was told I’m pretty much not missing anything that you can’t see when going out to some of the popular clubs with people from campus. The only difference is there will be loads more people, fair food, and floats.” So would the average student be excited about attending a pirate themed event? I guess not, but on the other hand I’d probably need to interview a few more people before I came to a clear conclusion.

Written by: Amina Jackson


About Life is a Beautiful Struggle!!

I am person of amazing character. I recognize that life is about growth and am only interested in who I need to associate with in order to accomplish my goals. I strive to do my best and surround myself with positive like minded people. I live to express myself through various literary/visual art forms. Get to know me I’m pretty awesome. "I CREATE THAT WHICH I THINK AND I POSSESS THAT WHICH I SPEAK..."--Mr. Andrews
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