Gasparilla Invades 2013

Gasparilla Pirate Festival, presented by Ye Mystuc Krewe of Gasparilla, will be making its annual return this Saturday, the 26th, as it once again “invades” the Tampa Bay area. According to the UT campus buzz, the two main highlights of the festival will be their pirate parade (that will be running along Bayshore Boulevard, starting at 2pm) and the chance to be socially accepted with daytime drinking.

“My goal at the end of the night is to find a cute guy,” UT freshman and Gasparilla virgin Hayley tells us. “I can’t wait to see other classmates act crazy…and I plan on drinking if I can get alcohol.”

But there is a lot more to Gasparilla than having to fight your drunken thoughts of running into the parade and playing pirate with the actors, it is a time for the community of Tampa to come together, relax and enjoy the live entertainment and food. Gasparilla 2013 plans to live up to its reputation, as it has racked in over 300,000 attendees at the parade event alone in the past years. Do not be fooled by its Mardi Gras spinoff label; this festival stands alone under its rich culture and unique atmosphere.

Admission is free.

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