Chris Saltys First Gasparilla

Chris Saltys, a freshman here at UT and a first timer at Gasparilla, is quite excited for the festivities.   Chris said, “I can only imagine everyone getting drunk and dressing in their pirate clothes.  I’m not sure if i’m going to dress up but we’ll see.”

To be honest Chris has little to no idea what to expect as he awaits the parade but he has heard that it will be an amazing event.  Chris also said that he can’t wait to see all the different floats that will be in attendance at the parade.

His expectations are very high for this famous day in Tampa and he is looking to have a fun time with his friends.  Gasparilla seems to be a very highly touted event for this upcoming weekend for Chris and his friends as well as a large amount of the Tampa natives.

This is a day for Chris and many others to relax and have a day where everything is just filled with fun and laughter.  Chris and his friends are getting supplies ready, making their own gear and finding different ways to pass the time just to get to Gasparilla.  He is also having more friends come down to visit form his hometown so that they too can join in for the incredible day.

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