Gasparilla Expectations

By Ali Pfleging

Gasparilla, a pirate festival held once a year in Tampa, is the topic of discussion among the students at the University of Tampa, especially freshman who have never experienced the festival before.

In asking Anthony Raymond, a freshman living in Mckay Hall, about his thoughts on Gasparilla, he did not have much to say. “I’m excited, I just don’t really know what it’s about other than walking around dressed as a pirate,” said Raymond. “I’m most concerned with the drinking aspect, like do the cops care?”

Raymond is justified in his fears, seeing that there has already been a school wide email sent warning students of tips to stay safe, and to also obey the law. “I just can’t see them caring that much as long as you stay in the wet zones, but will they ask to see my ID?”

Wet zones, placed along the route of the parade are designated areas for drinking. It is strictly prohibited to drink outside of these zones, something that should not be taken lightly. In closing, Raymond stated that he hopes the event lives up to the hype. “All I’ve heard about since August is Gasparilla, I’m just excited to go with my friends and start this year off right.”

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