Jackson’s Bistro: High Prices for Ehh Commodities

Allyson Anatra

Jackson’s Bistro is a diverse restaurant near Channelside, Tampa. They serve a French type cuisine as well as sushi. On weekend nights, when the kitchen is closed, it transforms into a nightclub.

The dining atmosphere is very classy. The lighting is dim with candles atop each table. The noise level and background music is low which makes conversations amongst your table unstrained.

The wait-staff is highly knowledgeable of the menu and dresses in matching formal wear. My waiter spoke in French accent, which really added to the high-class atmosphere. He was friendly and overall pleasing.

Their meals consist of small portions that are overpriced. Although it is easy on your taste buds, you are paying more than it is worth.

I ordered the Maryland crab ravioli and received about 5 individual raviolis for $18. The sauce that they were sitting in was a very minimal amount and did not soak into the ravioli as I was hoping. Parmesan cheese was sprinkled on top but it was still hard and cold and not melted, as I would have preferred. Overall, the meal was acceptable but it did not meet my expectations.

The nightclub portion of Jackson’s is extraordinary. It is open for 21 and older adults Friday and Saturday. Both nights are packed with people until they kick everyone out at three a.m.

On Friday, one room plays 80’s music while another blasts 90’s music. Saturday plays more contemporary styled music. One area, which contains a large island bar and the majority of VIP tables, plays house music. Another room plays Latino music and the last area, which is the smallest, plays rap.

The lights and decorations are very upscale. Dry ice and confetti is blown onto the dancing people periodically throughout the night. Drinks are well made as well as expensive. People with money come here to spend it. Whether it is on a VIP table or over priced bottled beer, people leave with their wallets empty.

Many different types of people, young and old, Hispanic, Caucasian or African American come to Jackson’s nightclub to drink, dance and party the night away. It is very obvious why this is one of the most popular nightclubs in Tampa.

Jackson’s is a fancy place to go to if you have a lot of money to splurge. It has an exceptional atmosphere but the products they serve are not as special. It is like brand name clothing; you pay for the name not what you get.


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