Revolution, keep the power off

Alexa Corea

No electricity, crossbows, and an absurd family reunion? What kind of television show is this?

NBC’s new “hit” series Revolution has created a fictional world where electricity no longer exists.

Talk about a nightmare, both hypothetically and literally.

The show started out with exciting action scenes and interesting tales, now all we are left with is the Matheson family (Tracy Spiridakos, Graham Rogers, Elizabeth Mitchell) running around like a bunch of chickens with no heads.

In this world with no poer, a group known as the Militia, Governed by General Monroe (David Lyons) and Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) try and take control of the world and figure out who was in charge of the “mysterious” power outage.

The Matheson family clearly has something to hide, as they are being hunted and captured by the Militia.

But don’t you worry in desperate times there are always friends and family there to help. The Matheson’s long lost uncle Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) comes along as the man who will save the day. With his unusual past and suspicious stories it seems as if Miles has something to hide.

Along with Miles there is also Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) an ex-Google nerd and Nora Clayton (Daniella Alonso) a rebel fighter against the Militia. This unconventional group comes together to try and help the Matheson family protect their big secret.

With strange “electric” necklaces and a new character being introduced every 30 seconds, this show can only be understood by watching it 3 times over, and trust me you do not want to do that.

Produced by Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams, and Bryan Burk this story line had a lot of potential, but unfortunately they turned the show into an emotional family bore.  It is not only dull but also unconvincing.

This show should have stuck to the original theme in which fighting scenes and constant explosions were taking place, cause now I would rather be shot with a crossbow then watch another episode.

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