American Horror Story: Asylum “Dark Cousin” Review

If someone were to tell me American Horror Story: Asylum was going to feature an “Angel of Death” I would have laughed and never began watching season two.  The only thing saving me from turning off my T.V, was the welcoming back of Frances Conroy, who plays the dark winged angel, that locks lips with Briarcliff soles that can no longer bare existence.

Conroy’s character seems to bring out the best secrets in Sister Jude (Jessica Lange).  Flashbacks return us to 1949 and reveal more about Jude’s drunken, whore past.  We discover she has met the Angel of Death a few times throughout her life, but chooses to shoo her away once more, because if she can survive syphilis from a cheating husband, she can battle the demon in Sister Eunice (Lily Rabe). Plus, if the writers decided to kill Lange off, everyone would stop watching the show.

“Dark Cousin” offers a small twist to James Cromwell’s character Dr. Arden, showing the deranged Nazi doctor with some compassion.  He chooses to save Grace (Lizzie Brochere), who is suffering from a poorly done sterilization, to save his own reputation.  Grace doesn’t live much longer and locks lips the dark angel by the end of the episode.  If this were the brilliant plot of season one, Grace could have gotten a few more episodes as a murderous ghost, but unfortunately for Brochere, this season only has room for aliens and monsters.

To no surprise “Bloody Face” Dr. Thredson (William Mapother) is having sex with his next victim Lana (Sarah Paulson), or who he likes to call “mommy”.  If American Horror Story is good at one thing this season, it’s deranged sex scenes you know you should look away from, but continue to watch for a reason your not sure of.

To no surprise Lana escapes Bloody face’s den, only to end up in the car of an angry husband, who takes his own life while driving because he can not bear women any longer.  This was when we got our first real laugh of the episode, because sweet Lana’s escape would be too good to be true, but the likeliness of her ending up in that car, was too unlikely to be real.

The show throws us back to reality by Jude going to visit the parents of the girl she ran over.  Soon to discover the girl was alive and well, only leaving the scene with a few broken bones.  The shock in her face was relief she was not a murderer, but most likely enraged she gave up whiskey and sex for no reason.

Of course the episode has to end up on a weird “Ugh why did they just do that, season one was so much better” note and concludes with Dr. Arden’s monsters attacking Kit Walker (Evan Peters) and Grace who are trying to escape.  Conroy ends us more subtly as she locks lips with Brochere’s character and “sets her free.”

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