Fancy Nails Yet Not So Fancy

When looking for a new nail salon there are a few things you want to consider. How is the service? Are they clean? Do the manicures last as long as they say? Fancy Nails passes majority of the test.

 On my recent visit I decided to try out the Gelish manicure. It’s just like a regular manicure expect it is chip free and is said to last two weeks. In the past I have tried this at other nail shops and did not have such a great experience. It bubbled and ended up peeling off after three days. Fancy Nails has the processes down packed though and my nails look amazing. 

 The manicurists was vey pleasant. She held casual conversation and didn’t speak in Korean to her co-workers the entire time which happens a lot in nail salons. You normally can’t help but to think they are talking about you in those situations. She was accommodating to what I needed and that was appreciated and shown through the tip I left her.

 As far as my pedicure I just got a regular one. They have massage chairs, but I didn’t find them to be particularly relaxing. It was more uncomfortable than anything and I didn’t even end up using during my pedicure. The woman who gave me my pedicure was not as friendly at the other, but that was okay. I was using the time for a quick cat nap anyway. That was until she began to massage my legs and feet. She literally began to punch my legs. Do I look like I want my legs punched? Where did you learn to massage people by punching them?

 One place they could use some improvement is the space. It’s like a long hallway essentially, so trying to move around in there is a challenge. They have the pedicure massage chairs packed in there like sardines. There are literally 15 chairs lined up against one wall. When trying to get into my chair I almost knocked a bowl of water on a costumer next to me. 

 Besides the space issue this place is great. The manicure and pedicure both are still in tact and I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome. Also, if you pay with cash you will receive a discount. So if you would like fancy nails in a not so fancy place this is the place for you. 

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