Suck Your Teeth Into The Vampire Diaries

By Ashley James

Julie Plec, executive producer of The Vampire Diaries, has done a great job with the show keeping it interesting since it first aired on the CW in 2009. Plec never seems to fail her audience with leaving them with something to look forward to for the next week.

The Vampire Diaries makes the Twighlight series seem like a story for children and it makes you realize why True Blood is on the HBO network. It’s a love story that has all the elements that both Twighlight lovers and True Blood followers want with more action and not all the unnecessary gore.

Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev and her brother Jeremy Gilbert played by Steven McQueen lives in Mystic Falls. It is in this town where they meet the Salvatore brothers Stefan and Damon. What they come to find out later in the show is that everything is not what it seems.

The show goes on to portray Elena trying to live a regular life as a high school teen knowing that the guy she fell for (Stefan Salvatore) is a vampire. Knowing this information about the Salvatore brothers brings trouble to Mystic Falls and affects not only her but also the ones she holds dear to her.

Dynamic factors in the show are the captivating Salvatore brothers played by Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon). If you need a reason to watch the show, these two men will definitely capture your attention.

The show has been going on for four seasons and the fourth season may just be the best season yet. Tying in everything that’s happened in the past three seasons with Elena’s best friend finding out she’s a witch and building up her powers, her brother realizing that he is a potential vampire hunter, and the best part Elena becoming a vampire, this season will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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