Pizzaz and Dignity: Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight Saga is not known for being a literary masterpiece and the movies aren’t getting nominated for Oscars anytime soon. But then they surprise you.

Bill Condon is a Golden Globe winner for directing the movie Dreamgirls. It’s no wonder the best movies out of the Twilight franchise were the last ones when they finally convinced Condon to join.

Between the bad acting, horrible CGI and special effects and the lack of actual feelings and emotions from the cast, the Twilight movies are almost too awful to watch. Unless you’re a “Twi-hard” fan who wouldn’t know a good movie from an English muffin just as long as there was a cute guy in it.

Condon finally comes into the picture and the franchise is reborn. Granted that Breaking Dawn: Part 2 isn’t perfect, but the man won a Golden Globe! We can cut him some slack.

The movie stays true to its predecessors by holding on to the notion that what they’re doing on screen is actually acting and the CGI could use some work, but the last movie can take the cake as the best movie in the franchise.

It’s cleverly written and stays true to the book, but for time sake the director did have to cut a few characters.

In place of extra people, he added something completely new to take away from the fact that the book’s end lacked… pizzazz. But pizzazz Mr. Condon did deliver and he nailed it. And not Kristen Stewart nailed it either.

These movies won’t compare to the Harry Potter series or, currently, The Hunger Games series, but finally the Twilight Saga cleared some dust and space off the shelf to put their dignity.


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