My Interest in Pinterest

by Sonny Billotte

Do you ever think about what your dream home would consist of? What about your dream wedding? Do you ever come across a stranger wearing an outfit you would kill for but know you’ll never be able to find again once you lose sight of them? Are you ever looking for new recipes to feed friends and family? Pinterest, a recently popular social networking site that resembles an online scrapbook, is here to accommodate all of these needs and more.

Pinterest is a site where you can organize your different interests by “pinning” images to specific categories called boards. A person can have as many boards as they would like all focusing on anything they are interested in.

My Pinterest profile consists of ten boards ranging from “My Style” to “Food” to “Dream Wedding” to “Places I Would like to Visit”.  There are millions of images circulating on the site available for anyone to “pin” so that they can revisit them whenever they would like.

I also really enjoy the feature called the “Pin It” button, which is downloaded to your internet’s tool bar and allows you to “pin” things from other websites, automatically adding them to any of your boards.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you are in control when registering, Pinterest requires you to request an invite and wait for them to accept you to be a member (which can take up to a month). Call me crazy but although some people think this an annoying hassle, something about receiving a personal invite via email added a sense of excitement to it all for me.

Fashion is a huge guilty pleasure of mine, so I am always searching the web for certain styles I have been wanting. Pinterest has definitely made this process easier for me. By simply searching a key word, you are presented with pages and pages of related images. Pinning an item allows you to revisit it at any time, and many provide links to other websites where they are available for purchase.

Being the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding, Pinterest’s wedding section has been very helpful in planning the bridal shower and has inspired her choice of dress, theme, and invitations for the wedding. The website provided us with so many creative ideas to incorporate into the wedding.

Not only I, but many of many of my friends and family members use Pinterest as well. My mother often uses Pinterest to get recipes for parties, holidays, or any general occasion. Giving you the option to connect with Facebook so you can “follow” friends’ activity based on your Facebook friends, you are also able to browse through their profiles and get ideas from them.

Overall, I find Pinterest to be an extremely creative and entertaining way to organize almost anything in your life. The website offers a very diverse variety of categories to explore, providing options for any type of person. Easy to use and free to join, Pinterest is a great way to discover, organize, and share ideas.




About sonnybillotte

I am a Journalism major in my Junior year at the University of Tampa. I am from Scituate, Massachusetts.
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